ApexSketch v7 is Available Now!

ApexSketch v7 has been released and thousands of users are already taking advantage of everything it has to offer. With over 30 years of Sketching Software Development experience under our belt, we have a rule about not introducing any changes or additional features unless they benefit our users. With this in mind, ApexSketch v7 offers many new improvements. And even though we encourage our users to adapt a new Modern Drawing paradigm, we haven’t forgotten about the 10s of thousands of clients who are familiar with our Legacy Drawing methods we’ve offered for over 30 years! Apex Software has always been known for its wide range of options that allow you to configure our products to best suit your preferences and workflow. ApexSketch v7 is no exception! To learn more, click from one of the following (below):

ApexSketch v7 – Standard

ApexSketch v7 – Pro

-Apex Software Team