The Web Based, Cross Platform, Do it All Sketcher

After 35 years of being the industry standard, our users have come to realize our software is so much more than a sketcher... it's a process... the glue... a hub that touches everything they do. Welcome to ApexSketch vX and the all new ApexSketch Portal.

Key Features and Benefits

Although ApexSketch vX (AvX) can be run as a Stand Alone sketcher, it is designed as a companion for ApexSketch v7 (Av7) where you can seamlessly import your sketches from the ApexSketch Portal directly into Av7 while integrated with your favorite URAR Forms Program... and that's only one key benefit. Here are a few more!

Stay Connected or Work Offline

Save, Sync and Share your data between devices and colleagues. If you lose your internet, you can still work in Offline Mode and sync up when you're back in range. No more worrying about losing your data or how to access your sketches!

ANSI Compliant

Apex products have always given the user the ability to comply with ANSI Standards. What that means is a built-in readiness for coming requirements.

Unrivaled Accuracy

ApexSketch allows you to draw to the inch or tenth and when you're ready to define your areas, we don't just do calculations. We prove them.

PC, IOS, ANDROID? Take your Pick!

If your computer or mobile device can open a browser, it can run ApexSketch vX. Access your sketch data from anywhere.

Exterior & Interior Walls

Exterior measurements and Interior Layouts will be required in the near future. Good thing ApexSketch is ahead of the curve with that functionality!


Stairs and open to Below?         

Auto-Subtract has been a fan-favorite for decades and you'll never have to worry about stairwells or other negative areas you need to calculate.

Need to see more?

Our story wouldn't be complete without a commercial! Please take the next minute to get a glimpse of the key exciting aspects of our solutions!

How does it work ?

Simple as 1 • 2 • 3 - Our products have always been
quick and nimble. No reason to change that now!


Install the Application

Super Fast and Easy to do. AvX and the Portal are a light-weight yet powerful duo!


Sign Into your Account

Whether taking a test drive or subscribing, just log in and you're ready to go.


Start Sketching!

Nothing new to learn for existing ApexSketch users!

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