Apex Software provides an array of tools to fully equip mobile professionals and offers integration with full sketching solutions. Over the years, Apex has worked with a wide range of industries to tailor solutions specific to their needs. Additionally, Apex has worked closely with a number of hardware providers and has served in an advisor capacity with mobile computer companies and with Leica GeoSystems. This role has resulted in a number of improvements to hardware to better suit the needs of true mobile professionals.

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Mobile Professionals

Apex Software serves in an advisor capacity with Leica GeoSystems and with mobile computer providers. Apex carries the full line of Leica DISTO measuring devices. Additionally, Apex carries ideal solutions for mobile professionals in Tablet PCs and Ultra Mobile PCs.

Real Estate Industry

Apex has been providing custom solutions for the Real Estate Industry for the last two decades. From sketching software to measuring devices to mobile computers, Apex has worked with brokers and agents to create packages that best serve their needs.

Flooring Industry

Apex MobileSketch™ was originally designed as a Pocket PC application to be an inexpensive extension of larger flooring material cost estimating software. Although the native Apex sketch includes the individual room calculations for the various flooring materials, Apex added the ability to export the sketch vector information in a spreadsheet format. This information was then used by the larger material cost estimating software to re-create the room dimensions and provide the industry specific calculations for seams, and waste factors.

Roofing Industry

ApexSketch v7 is a desktop solution in development and is based on the same efficient drawing techniques that have made Apex the most widely used sketching and area calculation software product in the US. Apex is ideal for commercial and flat roof structures for area calculations as well as reflecting where roof penetrations, obstacles or damaged areas are located. ApexSketch v7 is a mobile software solutions for Tablet PCs.

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