HP Introducing another 8″ Tablet

Relative to the previous post, I should mention that HP has another 8″ tablet coming to market soon. I believe this is already public but I’ve not actually seen it anywhere (yet) – I expect that to change this next week as we approach CES and announcements abound, hyping everyone’s new “must have” thing… Anyway, HP is readying a new 8″ tablet which is geared more toward Enterprise or even regular business types (which may partially explain why we’re not seeing much press on it in the consumer space.) Essentially, it is similar in appearance to the HP Stream 8, just built better, has more RAM (2GB), an Active Pen, 3G option, TPM, true GPS and A-GPS, rear camera w/LED flash and most of the other things that Enterprise/Business folks geek out over 😉 Once I see an official announcement, I’ll detail it further but I won’t likely “cover” it since it is really designed for folks running the bulk of their mobile business by running properly designed and optimized mobile software. I am happy to go into more detail IF you are truly interested in this device, so just let me know… I will, of course, be getting one as a routine matter when evaluating & supporting such devices for our customers who fit the profile that this device is designed for.

Happy new year to all!

-Randall Garrett-
+Apex Software+