Handy Tips & Tricks for Win 8.1+ Tablet Use

This short article’s title suggests that these simple tips are for Surface Pro 3 users, but most of them are for any Tablet PC running Windows 8.1+. A few items are for Tablets with active pens, too.


Hope this helps!

-Randall Garrett-
+Apex Software+

(PS – the link comes courtesy of an old friend’s site, where he occasionally posts some interesting tidbits. Frank is Spanish but most of his posts are in English… There are a few items there which may be interesting to some, so you might want to check it out. I found one there this past October that was news to me (shame on me! LOL) and has turned out to be quite useful in some scenarios – the ability to do OCR by way of OneDrive, which was (very) quietly added back in 2013…

Link to Frank Garcia’s site: