Welcome to the Apex Account and Subscription Manager

Existing Customers

If you already have an Apex Software account, you can login with your existing email and Password. Once you are logged in you can manage your account.

New Customers

Please take a moment to create an account with Apex Software. Once your account is created, you will be able to create and manage your Apex license subscriptions.

Subscription and Integration Overview

To manage your Apex subscriptions:

  1. You will need an Apex Software account
  2. Once you are logged in, click on either the 'Subscription Management' link (left side menu or right side action links), or the 'Hello, [AccountName]' link in the user dropdown menu at the top left of the page.

To integrate your Apex licenses:

  • Apex Sketch v5 has seemless integration with all forms software, including a la mode, ACI, Bradford Technoligies, SFREP, and WCA
  • Apex Sketch v6 currently integrates with a la mode, SFREP and WCA.
  • a la mode, inc. customers: You will need to call us at 800.858.9958 for complete integration instructions and assistance.
  • ACI customers wanting integration with Apex will need to purchase directly from ACI at 800.234.8727

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