ApexSketch v7™ – Standard

We have a rule at Apex about not introducing any changes or additional features unless they benefit our users. With this in mind, ApexSketch v7 offers new improvements to the Modern drawing paradigm we introduced in ApexSketch v6 a few years ago that allows you to draw floor plans faster and easier than ever before. And Even though the learning curve is small, we haven’t forgotten about the 10s of thousands of users who are familiar with our Legacy Drawing methods we’ve offered for over 30 years! Apex Software has always been known for its wide range of options that allow you to configure our products to best suit your preferences and workflow. ApexSketch v7 is no exception!

ApexSketch v7 Std.

Single User: $395
Additional License: $150



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Whether you’re drawing from your field notes, plans & specs or on site, we have all your sketching needs covered. ApexSketch v7 supports traditional Keyboard & Mouse input as well as Active Pen, Touch and Bluetooth with Leica® DISTO™ Laser Meters. What’s even better is this is all included in a single application. No more hassle with managing separate desktop and mobile applications!





Choose What’s Best for You

A common question a lot of our long-time users ask when considering our latest product is, “Does it work like my current sketcher?” The Modern Drawing Methods provide a ton of benefit. But there’s a lot to be said about retaining familiar functionality to help with your transition. ApexSketch v7 lets you choose the drawing style that’s best for you.

  • Modern Drawing Style
      • •  Free Form Drawing Style
      • •  Faster Sketch Completion
      • •  Aggregate Area Definition
      • •  Supports Ink & Touch UI Modes
  • Legacy Drawing Style
    • •  Drawing Process is Similar to ApexSketch v5 and Earlier
    • •  New Auto-Complete Feature
    • •  Superior Editing Functionality

Optimized for Windows­ 10

As technology and operating systems evolve, so do our sketching products. ApexSketch v7 has been optimized for Windows™ 10, giving you the confidence that when you update and/or move to a new computer, ApexSketch v7 will continue to function properly.

    • •  Better Performance
    • •  Free Apex Application Support
    • •  Take Advantage of Built-In Features (i.e. PDF Services)



Complete Your Floor Plans Faster




Aggregate Area Definition allows you to leverage the existing walls and lines of others areas to create each area of your Floor Plan. With a few clicks of your mouse, you’ll complete areas by simply drawing only the lines necessary to complete each shape. The illustration above gives you a quick peek at how this works.

    • 1.  Draw all the line of your floor plan.
    • 2.  In Define Area Mode, simply begin clicking/tapping in areas to select a shape.
    • 3.  Continue to click/tap in adjacent shapes until you are satisfied with the final shape.
    • 4.  Choose the Area Definition and Click/Tap Apply.



Yes, It’s THAT Fast. Yes, It’s THAT Simple.




Enhanced Photometrics

Photometrics has come a long way since ApexSketch v5 and we’ve made improvements you’re going to love. Appraisers are using Photometrics for so much more than just drawing over plans and specs. Instead of drawing subject properties from scratch, they trace aerial imagery before their on-site visit and then verify/edit their sketch in the field!

    • •  Trace over File-based Images, Imagery, Blueprints or Plans & Specs
    • •  Better Canvas Control & Image Manipulation
    • •  Clipboard (Copy & Paste) Support
    • •  Geodata Support(Pro Version)
    • •  Save Image with Sketch (Pro Version)

Survey Module

Use the Survey Module to draw using Metes & Bounds input to validate your legal descriptions! We’ve revamped the Wizard input process to make entering your calls faster than every before. All the information you use to create lines and curves is displayed in a single panel for easy verification and editing.

    • •  Draw Sites using Metes & Bounds
    • •  Wizard Style Panel for Faster & Easier Input
    • •  Verify/Validate Legal Descriptions
    • •  Close with Error Reporting
    • •  Simple Intuitive In-Line Deed Call Editing

And So Much More! Call Us!

We could go on and on about all the great things ApexSketch v7 has to offer, but there’s just not enough time! But here are just a few more key benefits…

    • •  Integration with all URAR Software
    • •  Interactive Drawing HUD
    • •  New Auto-Complete Area Feature
    • •  Modern UI (better outdoor visibility)
    • •  “MDI” Allows Multiple Instances of ApexSketch v7
    • •  Area Attributes (Data Collection)
    • •  Superior Editing Capabilities

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