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Apex Green v4.x - Solar Installers

As a Solar Installer, you need an easy-to-use, yet precise sketching and calculations program that will save you time and increase your bottom line.  Welcome to Apex Green v4.x, the Solar Industry's newest and easiest sketching tool!  Whether your creating Roof Drawings, One-Line-Diagrams or Equipment Wall layouts, Apex Green delivers the accuracy and detail you need to complete your job.     

Apex Green v4.x - Key Features

  • Precise Roof Drawings
    Use Apex Green to quickly draw your roofing drawings and place professional drawn/scaled symbols directly onto your drawing (i.e. Solar Panels, Junction Boxes, Etc.).  This gives you the ability to plan the design your systems well ahead of time.
  • Diagrams Made Simple
    Use Apex Green for all your diagraming needs.  With special symbols sets for diagraming purposes, you can quickly create your One-Line-Diagrams to satisfy your customers and/or requirements.    
  • Equipment Walls 
    Apex Green reduces time and waste by allowing you to draw your equipment walls to scale so you can determine the layout and space requirements necessary for all your equipment.   
  • Photometrics Takes Sketching to the Next Level
    Using PhotoMetrics, you can now import aerial photographs, building plans, or property record cards and quickly trace right over the top of the image to complete your sketch.  This is extremely helpful when tracing rooflines to determine the best possible layout for your client's solar system.   
  • Draw More Easily With Your Mouse Than Ever Before
    With Apex Medina, sketching with the mouse has been revolutionized.  Now, by turning on orthometrics, you can quickly and accurately draw straight lines using the mouse, making sketching easier than ever before.
  • Save Your Sketch as an Image
    Need an easy way to get your sketch into your estimates or other reports?  If so Apex Green v4.x is for you!  You can now save your sketch files as images.

 And So Much More!

•  Windows® 7 Compatible •  New Ribbon Bar •  New Context Menus
•  Online Licensing •  Split Area this •  Clone w/ Contents
•  Online Registration •  Drag & Drop Fills •  Flip Area
•  Area Auto-Post Option •  Drag & Drop Text •  Mirror Area
•  Friendly User Interface •  Drag & Drop Symbols  •  Print to PDF 
•  Rise & Run H.U.D. •  Orthometrics •  Nexus Integration 
•  Auto Shading  •  Drag & Drop Export •  Stamp Mode
•  New Panel System  •  Enhanced Alignment  •  Enhanced Integration 
•  Improved Align Indicators  •  Color-Config Symbols  •  Optimized Image Output 



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