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Apex MobileSketch™ for Android

Apex MobileSketch is not a generic drawing program for the general consumer. It is designed for mobile professionals who need to quickly draw floor plan sketches and calculate areas from measurements they gather on site. MobileSketch for Android continues a 25 year history of sketching solutions that have been setting the industry standards for Residential & Commercial Real Estate Appraisers, Property Tax Assessors, Insurance Inspectors, Energy Auditors/Solar Installers, Firefighters and other related industries. Simply put, if you are in these or similar industries and need a FAST and EASY floor plan sketching and accurate area calculation solution, MobileSketch is the tool for you. 



NOTE:  Apex MobileSketch™ for Android is a companion product for Apex Sketch v5.3 or newer, which requires activation of the MobileSketch Module in order to open sketch files created in MobileSketch for iPad. 


Key Features and Benefits 



Drawing Made Simple

As with all Apex product, MobileSketch allows you to draw in a manner that's familiar and comfortable to you.  Simply input distance and direction or tap the arrow keys to quickly draw lines.  You can also draw by touch (Android Only) by simply dragging your finger on the screen as you would with pencil and paper.  "Long Tap" (tap and hold) the direction buttons to draw to alignment with other points in your sketch to ensure your sketches always square.   



We know measuring angled walls in the field can be a major hassle, but that doesn't mean it has to be in MobileSketch.  Whether you need to draw with Rise & Run dimensions or interact with the Context Area (Android Only) to input specific elements of the angle, it's easily done with MobileSketch.  Context information is always displayed giving you the feedback you need ensuring accuracy.

Easy Curves

Curves can present a real challenge while in the field consuming valuable time. The free form approach in MobileSketch allows you to construct your curves based on information you can measure. Whether it's a rounded corner or something more complex, simply establish your chord, tap the curve button and input any of the curve's elements in the Context Area (Android Only).  MobileSketch will handle the rest.

Context Sensitive

MobileSketch offers many different tools to help you draw sketches as quickly as possible saving you time and money. While drawing, take advantage of the interactive Context Area (Android Only) to complete areas and/or verify your measurements.

Additive Area

Much like pencil and paper, MobileSketch allows you to draw only what's necessary to close your areas and shapes. No more tracing common walls back to where you began. Just draw the lines that close the shape and when you're ready to Define and Calculate the area, tap anywhere inside and MobileSketch will instantly detect and calculate your selection.  MobileSketch for Android also allows you to build and define new shapes from existing shapes.  Simply tap all the areas that make up the entire shape you're wanting to calculate and tap define. 


Once you've selected the shape you wish to calculate, tap Define and MobileSketch will walk you through the process of applying an area definition where you can select the area category along with other pertinent attributes.


MobileSketch provides the essentials in the field that allow you to create negative areas (i.e. stairwells, atriums etc.), change its name or control various other properties.


For over 25 years, our customers have relied on our product's ability to deliver pinpoint accuracy. Precise Area Calculation isn't something we take lightly and is at the very core of every product we offer.  MobileSkech Android provides the ability to select calculated areas from the list which also highlights the corresponding area in the sketch for easy verification. 


Annotate your sketches with a number of preset Text Labels or input your own custom labels as you need them. Stamp Mode is also available allowing you to place multiple labels without having to reselect it from the library. Rotate and move your Text Labels with a single finger or size it with a pinch or expand (two finger) gesture.


Quickly add symbols to your sketch providing more detail for your customers such as Doors, Windows along with many other basic symbols.  With line snapping active (Android Only), symbols will automatically rotate and snap to walls - displaying witness dimensions you can edit for precise placement.  Use the convenient Context Area to flip, mirror and size the symbols to match your property.   


There are a lot of sketchers out there that allow you to draw shapes and generate calculations, but few that provide the editing tools necessary to tackle most anything you might encounter in the field. From redefining or cloning to flipping and mirroring - you can rest assured that Mobilesketch has you covered!  But that's not all, we've even thrown in Multi-Page support giving you the ability to separate elements of your sketch rather than attempt to cram everything onto one page/screen. 


MobileSketch for Android is designed as a mobile companion to our desktop product (Apex Sketch v5.3 and higher). When you've completed your sketches in the field, simply email them to yourself and Open/Import them into your desktop application which you can then integrate into your URAR, CAMA (or other calling application) as you normally do.