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Apex Sketch v5

Apex Sketch v5
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Apex Sketch v5 - Standard

For the last 25 years, you’ve counted on us to deliver products you can depend on. In today’s market, you need accurate, agile and affordable tools that meet your job’s demanding requirements. Apex Software continues its long tradition of developing applications that provide everything you need in a sketching solution.  Welcome to Apex Sketch Version 5!  Like all of our upgrades in the past, we’ve made hundreds of improvements based on your requests. But don’t worry, we still maintain the familiar interface and functionality that you’ve become accustomed to.


Apex Sketch v5 Standard Available Now


Some New Features to Apex Sketch v5 - Standard:

CAD Module

CAD Layer Manager


Area Comments

Optimized Drawing Engine

Module Support
We understand that different users have different needs. Apex v5 was designed to support modules that allows you to activate new functionality as your business needs it.

The optional Apex v5 CAD Module offers users the ability to import .DXF and .DWG files and make direct edits to individual lines or trace them to draw sketches based on the actual vectors created by various CAD applications.

Key Benefits of the CAD Module include:

  • Increased Efficiency
    Users can eliminate re-drawing properties where .DXF and DWG files are readily available and have more flexibility to work more directly with architects, builders and other professionals that rely heavily on CAD formats.
  • Preview and Layer Management
    The CAD Module layer control allows users to turn layers off and on to focus only on the details pertinent to them prior to importing into Apex v5.
  • Vector Precision
    CAD files are drawn in units of measure and users are given the opportunity to specify the drawn unit of measurement which is automatically converted in Apex giving you vector-based precision you need for accurate area calculation.

Utilize Aerial Photography and MORE
Apex v5 features Photometrics functionality that provides users the ability to load images of hand drawings, blueprints or aerial photography into Apex that they can set a scale based on a known measurement and then trace directly over the image to produce professional results and calculations!

Key benefits of Photometrics include:

  • Work with Aerial Imagery
    Users can import aerial imagery for use as a reference when creating a property sketch.
  • No More Guessing
    When it comes to difficult-to-measure properties, sometimes your best and only option is imagery. Provided you have a known measurement, you have everything you need set to draw the entire property!

Save Area Comments/Notes
Apex v5 allows you to store comments for each Area you draw.  We liken it to a repository of information that you can reference for future review or pass on to other Apex users without having to keep track of where you left it.  You could also use it as a "punch list" ensuring that all the Areas within the property are accounted for. 

"Stretchy Curve" Interior Lines
With improvements to Interior Line drawing, you no longer have to manually edit curves through traditional dialogs. Simply roll your mouse wheel and instantly transform your lines into curves.  This new functionality makes Drawing Interior lines or tracing via Photometrics faster than ever before.

Speed Optimizations
We have improved our drawing engine providing users with optimal performance and reliability. Larger, more complex sketches now load and render quicker with far less flicker than in past versions. This all adds up to doing your job faster.

Improved Export to Spreadsheets
In previous versions, all that was available were the calculations summary and minor information about the sketch.  This has been significantly enhanced to provide subject information, calculation details per Area and sketch images! All of this data can be reformatted and/or referenced by other spreadsheets and applications to match your business needs.

Sketch Page Control
Before Apex v5, your only option was to insert add a page to the front or end of a series of pages. Now you can control your current page by moving it up or down the list of pages until you are satisfied with the new ordering. No more Cut/Copy/Paste required!

And So Much More!

•  Windows® 7 Compatibility •  Area Comments •  Updated Context Menus
•  Online Licensing •  Split Area •  Clone Area w/ Contents
•  Online Registration •  Drag & Drop Fills •  Move Area w/Contents
•  Auto-Post Configuration Options •  Drag & Drop Text •  Sketch Sorting Controls
•  Unified Classic & Ribbon UI •  Drag & Drop Symbols •  Improved Loading/Rendering
•  H.U.D Improvements •  Angle "Lock" Adj.  •  Nexus Sketch File Compatibility
•  Auto Shading •  Improved Data Export •  Enhanced Output to Excel
•  Construction to Interior Lines •  Enhanced Alignment •  3rd Party Branding/Licensing
•  Improved Alignment Indicators •  Zoom to Cursor •  Over 200 Other Enhancements! 

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