Professional Services

Professional service offerings for the assessor industry

Professional Services

Professional service offerings for the assessor industry

Apex Professional Services

Apex has expanded our sketching service options to provide everything from sketch creation to sketch verification and analysis processes.  Sketch Verification (Sketch-to-Imagery analysis) and Sketch geo-referencing services can be leveraged by jurisdictions that don’t have Apex Sketching Software and utilize other building drawing tools. Below you will find a list of the most common services that we offer.  Please contact us even if you have a project that is not listed, as we offer additional custom services as well.


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  • Sketch Verification – This service allows you to verify that your taxable CAMA sketch data is accurate compared to your latest aerial photography.

    Are you confident in the integrity of your sketch data? Are you looking for ways to generate revenue and reduce spending?The solution is available to YOU via a comparison of your sketches to orthogonal (bird’s eye view) imagery; a service that Apex professional services has performed on tens of thousands of sketches. This method gives you assurance that your sketches are accurate and you’re not losing revenue because of deficient data. It’s a smart choice that increases the capacity of your workforce to spend their time on critical issues that require their specific expertise.matchApex Professional Services, using the Sketch Verification Process, will validate your sketch data used to assess value, against your current orthogonal aerial imagery to compare the accuracy of the historical sketches, or identify changes, based on current imagery.This process eliminates the guess work out of which properties need Reassessment, and is a cost effective tool to bring all of your sketches up to date.


    mismatchOur verification service does NOT require you to use Apex Sketch Software for us to perform the service. Apex will simply convert your sketch data into Shapefiles which are then geo-referenced on your imagery layer.

    Once the process is complete, not only do you have a qualified list of parcels that need to be reassessed, but you also have a complete building layer in your GIS system, which can be used by other departments including First Responders and other departments within your jurisdiction.



    • Pick up revenue generating new construction without having to search for it on your own
    • Allocate your resources to focusing only on the parcels that have missing or incorrect by letting Apex do the groundwork
    • Identify inaccuracies in your sketch data without re-measuring every property

    Our services department will transform your sketches into shapefiles that are then compared to imagery. The result is a comprehensive list of sketches that are verified to match the imagery or a variance thereof. Armed with this information you can opt to have Apex services modify the sketches for you or, if you prefer to keep the sketch modification in-house, you know your staff’s time is used to its highest and best use.

    • 25 years experience in sketching and related services
    • Latest Technology
    • Fast turnaround time
    • Dedicated Professional Services Staff
    • Processes built around YOUR needs, and unique situation
    • Complete layer of all sketches geo referenced
    • Parcel layer broken up into manageable categories (Match, Building Mismatch, Non-living Area Mismatch, New Construction, Undeterminable)
    • Table of all new construction for fast reference in adding maximum tax revenue to your tax roll
    • Customizable reports for pools, decks, etc.
    • Customizable identification and reporting is also available for any specialty needs your organization/jurisdiction might require
  • Paper to Digital – Let Apex take your paper drawings and convert them into editable Apex files. The sketch data, sketch image and editable Apex file can then all be imported into your CAMA system and tied to the corresponding record.

    For over 25 years Apex has set the standard in sketching and area calculation software. Using this expertise, we want to assist you in not only drawing the property but also with accurately calculating square footage. Apex Software now offers floor plan sketching services. Save time and money by letting the professionals complete your property drawings.mainassessorptodCrisp, Accurate, Sketch Creation
    Apex’s Professional Services staff will convert your paper building drawings to editable Apex sketches to use either as standalone drawings or integrated within your CAMA system. Sketches can also be provided in standard image file format for publishing in other systems. Apex improves the integrity of your data by avoiding calculation errors in its review of sketched areas.Apex Paper to Digital Service

    • Creates editable Apex Sketch files from paper PRC sketch records (scanned PRC’s)
    • Creates a sketch manifest report to update your CAMA with sketch files and all the information from each sketch
    • Provides an image copy of each sketch
    • Optional SHP file for each sketch to be used by the GIS department or for other services such as Sketch Verification
    • Optional additional data collection from PRC Cards

    Paper to Digital Added Value

    • Meet State Digitization Mandates
    • Editable Sketch files to take into the field for Revaluation
    • Fully utilize CAMA system
    • Find calculation errors from hand calculations that affect value
    • Provides access additional services like Sketch verification to find missing taxable buildings or additions
    • Assists in creating a more Fair and Equitable Tax Roll

  • Sketch Creation via Oblique Imagery – For improved parcels with no sketch data, but you do have oblique imagery, Apex can create editable CAMA sketches via our Sketch Creation services. Using the latest technology Apex will draw, measure and calculate based on oblique imagery.

    Apex has created a unique service to generate building sketch data for jurisdictions that may not have dimension data on their PRC’s, have outdated sketch data or questionable integrity on older hand drawings. Through this service we can generate Apex sketches for use in your CAMA system and quickly allow you to greatly improve the quality and integrity of your tax roll.obliquemainApex Creates CAMA Grade Sketch Files, Not Just a Building Outline
    By using your jurisdiction’s aerial imagery and available measuring tools we generate an initial building outline sketch. Then using the power of your oblique imagery and available measuring tools, our analysts can continue to modify the building sketch by breaking out observable living area from other area types within the structure. Additionally, observable below grade and 2nd story living area polygons can be created based on ANSI standards and/or local assessing practices. Apex can also collect building or parcel attribute data for both residential and commercial building structures.These are not just building outlines rather they are actual Apex sketches to use within your CAMA system to derive taxable value.

    The Process

    • Create building outlines from latest imagery or use your building outlines if available
    • Convert Building outlines to Individual Apex files
    • Modify the Base Apex sketch and break out non livable areas (i.e. porches, garages, etc.)
    • Add below grade and additional floors based on ANSI or county standards
    • Optional collect building attributes of structure or parcel
    • Compile deliverables and deliver

    Sketch Creation via Imagery Value

    • Meet State Digitization Mandates
    • Editable Sketch files to take into the field for Revaluation
    • Fully utilize CAMA system
    • Find undervalued properties with new updated square footage data from sketches
    • Assists in creating a more Fair and Equitable Tax Roll

  • Legacy Sketch Conversion to Apex – Are you switching to Apex and want to import your Legacy sketch files into Apex? Let Apex convert your files from your previous sketching software into editable Apex files.

    Anything extra you’d like to elaborate on here????????

  • 3D Modeling Interior (Emergency First Response)
  • PRC Data Entry
  • Legacy Sketch to SHP File Creation
  • Batch Apex to SHP File Creation
  • Building Layer Creation
  • Batch Apex to Image File Creation
  • Custom Data Collection from Aerial Imagery
  • Building Outline Creation
  • Custom Services For You
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